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No one is an island unto themselves.  While our weekly gathering is designed as a time to come and even go unnoticed if you wish, that is not how we were created to do life.  As we come alongside others who are searching after purpose, God can use us in their life to help them.  We have seen that process give new purpose to those who just thought they were helping.  Because of that, we try to have as many groups as possible for people to get involved with.  Each has its own expectations and commitments for you to explore and see where you might fit.  Don't feel bad if you try one and it's not a good fit.  All we ask is that you keep trying others until you do find one that fits.  We are here to help along the way!

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Life Groups

This is where the conversation continues in finding purpose in Jesus.  It can be easy on Sunday morning to sneak in and out.  We were created to be connected with each other and go deeper.  Here you will find a group of people that want to know you and share life with you.  No matter what life stage you are, where you live, or what football team you cheer for, there is a place for you.  Click on the button to browse what groups we currently have and reach out for more info or just show up and get the party started!

You were created for a purpose, use that purpose to serve and help change the world!
KidMin Group

We think that church should be fun for people at any age! We use video, music, fun activities and skilled volunteers so that children can experience for themselves who God is, how He sees them, how much He loves them, and the purpose He has for them!

Volunteer Groups

Coming Soon!

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