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Another thing we all have in common is money.  We imagine a world where people find purpose and there are resources available to help catapult into them.  We are not tied down to a mortgage or a staff salary because we want to be a conduit for God to freely pour blessing through into the city.  When you give at Forward Point, you can trust that its all going right back in to helping others find purpose.  You do not need to give money to be a part of or committed to Forward Point, but it may be that God is calling you to do just that.  It is no easy thing to give of our resources in times like these when it seems like there is so little left over.  As you are trusting God and trying to put Him first in your finances, know that we consider it a great burden to be responsible with them.  Below you will find different ways that you can give in an effort to be as convenient as possible.

ways you can Give:



At our weekly gathering we have a secure "Joy" box where you are welcome to drop off your giving.


Giving online is quick and easy, simply click here to get started.



If you'd like more information on how you can give, feel free to email us by clicking here.



Text $AMOUNT to 84321

First time users will then be prompted to set up a donor profile and payment method

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