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Hi Families,

We’re so excited to have you join us this Easter for our Resurrection egg hunt. At our church, Forward Point, we like to make resurrection egg cartons with our kid’s ministry. However, because we are not together this year for Easter, Sacred Melody decided to set up a social distance resurrection egg hunt for the community.

We are living in a scary time much like the time Jesus lived in. He came when things were messy and difficult. When he left, he took away the power of the *scary* and left love and grace and peace for all of us. Jesus died for our messes so that he could have relationship with us the way He originally created us to have in the garden. In this relationship, we have the most amazing comforter, protector, and guide to walk with us through all the tough times in life because He is always renewing things, no matter how scary things look. Just as the flowers are beginning to break through the ground and bloom in an array of colors in Upstate NY, Jesus will come and walk us through this time of uncertainty and will make beautiful stories out of us. We welcome you to come along as we walk in Jesus sandals through the original story of Easter.

The Egg Hunt is up!

It STARTS where Hickok ave meets James Street and wraps around Sunnycrest road to Shotwell park in Eastwood, Syracuse, NY. The eggs are printed on laminated sheets stapled to telephone poles. It is a perfect one mile walk with no streets to cross. You may walk or drive (whichever makes your family feel the most comfortable). Please keep your children from touching the signs so we can avoid spreading germs.

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